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May 01, 2020 · Please contact Walter Knox of Research and Materials at 857-368-3431 for Truck and Mix Design approvals. Requests for waiver to Engineering Directive ELiming4 - Procedures for Use of Concrete Produced by Volumetric (Mobile) Concrete Mixer, must be submitted for approval. Please Note: Use of Mobile Concrete Mixers is prohibited when the ambient temperature is expected to drop below 40° F within 7 days prior to concrete …

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Concrete Additives. Training. Your resource for concrete volumetric mixers and equipment. Sales Office: 541.687.5746. 2014 MCD10-150 Cement Tech Volumetric Concrete Mobile Mixer. twin set & loaded with options, Accu Printer II, auto tarp, flowable fill, liquid color, fiber feeder, Admix system –…. View Listing.

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Mar 15, 2018 · Volumetric (Mobile) Concrete Mixers . General . This Directive provides guidance and procedures to be followed for use of Volumetric (Mobile) Concrete Mixers on MassDOT Highway Division facilities or on MassDOT Highway Division projects. The MassDOT Highway Division will only permit the use of Mobile Concrete Mixers when all of the procedures

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Self Loader volumetric concrete mixer. The operator transports the mobile concrete mixer to the material storage place, and then puts all the raw materials needed for production into the mixing bucket together with the bucket. The mixing drum starts to mix all the materials. After the mixing is completed, the operator will transport the

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Raider Mobile Mix employs volumetric concrete mixers to supply remote locations with concrete on a custom basis. Our custom concrete solutions maximize uptime for our clients which helps them increase their bottom lines.

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Feb 20, 2017 · Because these mixers are a mixer and mobile batch plant in one, concrete pours as needed, reducing employee downtime. Precise Data, Accurate Business Decisions. With mobile concrete mixers, you can record when the mixer operated, how much concrete poured, and what the mix was to determine operating cost.

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By adding the minimal amount of water as the mix is being prepared, volumetric mobile mixers produce fresh concrete at the job site that's 5 to 10 percent stronger compared to concrete from a batch plant that's mixed there and transported to the job as it begins …

Volumetric mobile concrete mixer and utilization of mobile

Omega Concrete Mixers is leading the way in the mobile mixer industry to enhance the utilization of volumetric mobile concrete mixer solutions. The mobile concrete mixer can be a profitable venture in many fields. The following are example of area's in which the Mobile Mixer can be utilized:. On-site Batching. Commercial / Industrial – All facets.

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Concrete produced by Cemen Tech volumetric mixers consistently has a higher breaking strength than traditional ready mix. 2. No Waste. Volumetric concrete production allows you to pour a precise amount, thus stopping overages, shortages, and short-load fees. 3.

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Utranazz's Volumetric Concrete Mixers are the most simple to use and easy to maintain type available on the market. A Volumetric Mixer is essentially a mobile truck mixer and batching plant rolled into one. All the raw materials are stored in separate compartments and these are then metered and mixed into fresh concrete when and where it is needed.

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Volumetric concrete also doesn't require concrete mixing to begin since the concrete is ready-to-use straight from the concrete mixer truck. Less water and energy are required to produce volumetric concrete, making for a more environmentally responsible way of getting ready mix concrete delivered. 4. Reduced Labor Costs

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ProAll is an industry leading supplier of volumetric concrete mixers, mobile concrete mixers truck and machine for sale. Convenient to move from site to site, and contains separate compartments for sand, stone, cement and water.

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We carry parts for many makes and models of volumetric concrete mixers and mobile mixers. Need a part for your Omega volumetric mixer, Riemer unit, or Cementech concrete mixer? Call us today! Iron Man Bearing $900.00. 12″ Shoes are now $14.36 Paddles are $10.15. 9″ Shoes are now $10.50 Paddles are $6.75. All wear plates prices include hardware.

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1990 Elkin 5yd Mobile Mixer 30yds/hr. Mounted on a 1980 Mack Well kept : SOLD 2005 Global 10yd Mobile Mixer 12" auger, 60 cubic yards/hour High/Low admix & dual color. Mounted on 2005 Peterbilt 335 Cummins ICS 315. SOLD 2002 Elkin 4 Yard Mobile Mixer 30 yards of concrete per hour Two admix tanks. Mounted on 2002 Sterling 7500 6 speed transmission

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Volumetric Mobile Mixer or Batch on Site Concrete Mixer.Equipment is mounted to a truck chassis that carries separate compartments of Cement, Sand, Stone & Water. Volumetric Concrete Deliveries differ from Concrete & Screed delivered by Drum Mixer. The drum mixer arrives with ready mixed concrete.

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A volumetric concrete mixer (also known as mobile mixer or volumetric mobile mixer) is a mixer mounted on a truck or trailer that contains separate compartments for sand, stone, cement and water. Materials are mixed on a job site to produce the exact amount of concrete needed. The volumetric mixer varies in capacity size up to 12 cubic yards and has a production rate around 60 yards per hour depending on the mix …


Mar 15, 2018 · Pre-Qualification of Mobile Concrete Mixers. Each Mobile Concrete Mixer used on MassDOT Highway Division projects shall be pre-qualified as follows. All Mobile Concrete Mixers are required to have a Quality System Manual (QSM) that conforms to the format outlined in AASHTO R-38 and that adequately addresses the information specified in AASHTO R 38.

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Mobile Volumetric Mixers: The Next Generation . Omega's Rhino line descends from and improves on the Global machines built in the early 2000s. Our mobile concrete mixers are designed with flexibility, capacity and superior durability in mind. They can be as simple and as robust as needed, the Swiss Army knife of mixers.

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Aug 01, 2019 · The HM10H is Holcombe's #1 domestic seller with a capacity of 10 cubic yards that carry 110 cubic feet of cement. It's the go-to workhorse concrete mixer in