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After locking the whole system using the control block valves, rev the engine and hit "pump forward". Look into the water box to make sure the differential cylinders are not moving. The pump's gauge will achieve the 300 BAR. Then decelerate the engine gradually all the way down. Look at the main hydraulic gauge.

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2. max pump pressure exceeded 3. charge pump defective 4. shaft seals or seals on suction side are defective 5. pump defective 6. pressure and return lines connected wrongly 7. control system oscillating 8. As 1 A 8 1. line mountings missing or loose 2. lines have been wrongly laid 3. ID too small 4. As 4 C As 4 A 5. return terminates above fluid

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Before starting any engine, check all fluid levels, engine oil, hydraulic oil, coolant level, and if so equipped, power steering and hydraulic brake fluid. If the pump has a separate engine, also check fluid levels before starting. It is now possible to start your engines. WARNING . Amputation and entanglement hazard.

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One of the easiest ways to check for proper pressure is by putting the concrete pump into PTO, as if you are going to pump concrete. Then, locate the accumulator gauge on the pump and make sure it is reading at 190 bar; then press the E -Stop on the remote box. The pressure reading on the gauge should slowly fall to 90 bar reading.

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Well, we can supply piston type boom pumps for our customers. In Talenet Group, we have manufactured concrete pump with boom about 14m, 30m, 37m, 44m, 47m, 50m and 57m, which are hot-selling among our global customers. 30-57m Boom Concrete Pump for Sale. 14m Mini Concrete Pump Truck Customized. Truck Mounted Mixer Pump With Boom.

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zeyu mini concrete pump hydraulic pressure of concrete pumps. One of the easiest ways to check for proper pressure is by putting the concrete pump into PTO as if you are going to pump concrete. Then locate the accumulator gauge on the pump and make sure it is reading at 190 bar; then press the E -Stop on the remote box.

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a smoother flow of concrete and less boom bounce. The pumps at the heart of Putzmeister's free flow pumping system are bi-directional, variable displacement piston pumps. Depending on stroke, oil flows in a closed loop from either port A or port B on the pump to the hydraulic cylinders. Depending on the specific pump cell size, up to 20% of

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Nov 27, 2018 · The setting pressure of mixing overflow valve is not sufficient. Stuck the mixing blades with wood and adjust the pressure to 12MPa. The hydraulic motor is broken. Check it and replace it if necessary. The gear pump of mixing system is damaged. Check it and replace it.


Invest in an all-hydraulic concrete pump that incorporates big pump features Manual Standard Manual Standard Manual Standard 50 5 10 15 20 23 25 5 10 15 20 25 30 PISTON SIDE (bar) ROD SIDE (bar) CONCRETE PRESSURE (BAR) 7 14 21 28 34 41 48 55 62 70 76 83 90 97.

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How to test a main hydraulic pump on a used concrete pump

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Jun 16, 2015 · 5. In order to get a longer life time of conveyor pipes, you should turn straight pipes for 120° clockwise and conveyor bows for 180° anti clockwise after pumping about 6000m3. Take care of minimum wall thickness and operating pressure. concrete pump delivery pipe.


Since the output pressure of a centrifugal pump varies with the square of the speed, pressure can be controlled accurately by controlling the speed of the pump. For example, if a pump runs at 1785 RPM during shuto! with an output pressure of 204 PSI and the speed is reduced by 10 percent to 1607 RPM, the new output pressure will be 165 PSI.

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The 1400 HPD+ high pressure pump is capable of delivering concrete at a good rate of 60 cum/hr and with a capacity to deliver high pressures of 172 bar for 300-meter vertical constructions. The 1410D is capable of pumping concrete at 100cum/hr at 106 bar pressure for 140-150 meter heights, taking on richer grade of concrete against higher


TRAILER CONCRETE PUMP OPER. 06 17. PRESSURE GAUGE – 6000 PSI This hydraulic pressure gauge is used to indicate the main system hydraulic pressure being applied to the hydraulic cylinder pistons of CYL A OR CYL B on the forward stroke. 18A. PRESSURE GAUGE – 600 PSI This hydraulic pressure gauge is used to indicate the hydraulic pressure of


Jul 31, 2009 · The concrete pump operator should never be operating the controls for the pump and also performing the task of the line hand at the same time. • The operator should arrange for an alternative competent person to attend to the pump if he is required to work away from the pump. He should have a clear view of both the line hand and the hopper.

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On technology employed in the concrete pumps to pump concrete at high pressure and also to ensure safety. Mr. Sonawane informs, "we use Servo Valves for boom operations and slewing, pilot operated check valves for outrigger system (important from safety point of view) and Flow Pressure & Power Regulations control in Concrete Pumping System.

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Before checking the air pressure in the hydraulic tank, the pumping station should be disconnected from the network, and all the water should be drained from the reservoir tank.Next, open the side cover on the tank, find the nipple and measure the pressure with a bicycle or automobile pump with a pressure gauge.


Jun 16, 2015 · a wash out adapter, designed for the purpose and equipped with an air entry control valve and an emergency pressure release valve, sponge wash out balls, a ball-catcher attachment, a compressor not delivering more than 7 bar pressure. [email protected] Safe Use of Concrete Pumps—-Work with Pipelines.